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Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki. Pages read: 158 pages. 109-267. BOOK IS FINISHED!!! Title: Rich Dad Poor Dad.

this book was really interesting. it shows alot more examples of what little things that you can do. dont be run over by fear. dont be pushed around. dont try being a loser. dont be afraid to lose. jsut try doign things even if you cant affort it right then but that a chanve. most of the time it really works out for you, so its an investment. this guy usually looks around at things that we all humans cant see at all. he looks at houses, see’s the real price on then, well how much they are worth, he makes a price to offer but usually 20-40 thousand off the askign price. he usually get it, rents it out to friends or something, and sells it for about 40000 dollars more that what he bought it for and he gets money. he has invest alot of his money into places, and sold them for tons of money and he has gotten alot of money out of these ideads and investments. or he usually invests in businesses that around to make a big boom or to get realy to sell stuff. some tiems he loses a little money, or doesnt gain much, but alot goes thropugh and he makes moeny off of investing into these things. he helps alot of people, peopel go to him, asking waht should they do? he always replys and the peopel usualy do all whats right or best, they save money… one thing that his rich dad told his was in a book, he told him to alway s” pay himself(yourself) first” like before he paid his bills or somehting. you may not always have enough money to pay your bill afterwards, but its the best thing to do, pay yourself first. and like i have said, the rich to assets, and the poor or middle class to liabilities. the poor or middle class are always “chicken little” or “little chicken” they are afraid of losing anything. they are afraid to take chances, jsut afraid to lose. the dont have the guys. they have the fear. its hard to invest or earn money when you are stuck behind thoses things like fear and stuff.

 i would go on and on, but all i have to say is this book was great. it gave alot of examples and i think it really could widen peoples eyes to life. likke maybe school should actually teach real life stuff, learn how to work for money, to to take charge and do the right things, save moeny, invest, do assets or just learn usefull stuff. not stuff that we will never really use. money is important. use it wisely.


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Book: RICH DAD POOR DAD. Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki. Pages read: 56-109.

From what i have read right in the past week, i have read that the rich dad was teaching the boys lessons on how to make money work for them instead of them working for money. the dad taught them lessons. he paid them 10 cents an hour every Saturday. that changed to getting paid not at all. they kids got mad and demanded a raise or they were going to quit working for the dad. the dad was waiting for the kids to finally get mad. the dad took them to a picnic table and started talking and teaching them lessons. talking to them in simple ways to teach them how to understand how they have to have money work for them, not them work for money. in the book there are diagrams and little painted pictures showing how the rich take assets instead of liabilities. the poor and middle class only do liabilities. they think they are assents but they really aren’t. rich people get rich because they have assets. they buy assets before they buy a house or something nice or big or just buy anything. by having a lot of assets they get rich. middle class and poor people get stuck with liabilities and incomes or something like that and then they struggle. this shows how the rich are rich. they think things through and they get real assets.

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Book: RICH DAD POOR DAD. Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki & Sharon L. Lechter. Pages: 29-52.

Basically what i have ready in these pages is about when the kid was 9 years old. he kept asking his poor dad how he could make money. he said figure it out on your own or i cant really help you. the kid and his best friend kept trying to think of a way to make money, to get rich. they came up with an idea, but they didn’t thing too much ahead. for a few weeks the ran around collection tooth paste bottles and caps. back then they were made of iron or whatever it was. so for a few weeks they collected, finally it was time to work. they got a few pans, a char coal grill, and some flour. everything was messy, but they were making progress. they decided to make iron nickels!! his poor dad came out and laughed, but then he told them it was illegal to do that. so they got down and now were out of business… the poor dad told them and the kid to go talk to the kids dad, the rich one. they did, and the guy offered them a spot, by dusting and putting cans back on shelves neatly, but were only paid a dime per hour. all at the end, it turned out to be a lesson. don’t be pushed around by life, don’t be controlled by money, you control that money. anger came to the boy, and so he talked to the guy. now more lessons are being set and tried… now for more reading

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book: RICH DAD POOR DAD. Pages: 26. author: Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter, CPA.

this book is very different from the one that i read last time. this time the book starts out by a mothers view. a mothers view by saying how she told her kids to go to school, and to get good grades. that’s apparently the wrong thing to say to your kids. also in this book so far, it tells how school gets you like ready for the future, but that’s not enough. school needs to teach kids about how to use money wisely, how to learn about outside world things before they get into it. schooling is not enough. the other part of the book that i read was about the author guy. he had 2 dads. one was rich, and one was poor. one dad went to Stanford University, he University of Chicago, and Northwestern University to do his advanced studies, all on full financial scholarships. the other father never finished the eighth grade. when the author was 9, he had 2 dads giving him advice, but he decided to only listen to the rich one. for 30 years he listened and now he is pretty well off. the dad taught him 6 lessons that has helped him in every day life.

it made me think… which dad went to colleges, and which dad didn’t finish the 8th grade.. The poor dad was the one who went to all of those colleges. and the rich dad was the one who didn’t pass the 8th grade level…. both dads had a saying… “i am poor because i have you kids”.. “i am rich because i have you kids”.

what i have read for this week. Book: The 5 lessons a millionaire taught me, about life and wealther”. Pages: 37. For Friday 10/29/10
From what i have read this week, i go through lesson 5.

lesson 1: Decide to Be Wealthy. lesson 2: Take Responsibility for Your Money. lesson 3: Keep a portion of Everything You Earn. lesson 4: Win in the Margins. lesson 5: Give Back. From all these lessons, i have learned alot from these. in the book the author tells you to share them with other peopel, becasue soon they will change their ways too. thigns will become easier, you will not end up being broke, you will actually haev spare money but not be in debt. You will actually be happy. learn these lessons.

other things that i have learned is that Realize your savings, ask your self questions. like do you really deserve these things? thign about how much you reall yneed something, will it keep you in debpt for years? will it truley make you happy? what could a possibly new expensive car do for you?… also there is your nest egg, no matter what, when you go somewhere, and a person gives you a price, use the 7 golden words, “is that the best you can do?”, you will get a better price, and whatever how much you save on that price, but that amount in your nest egg. and the next thign you know that nest egg will get more and more. but dont be tempted to take out of the nest egg. make sure that whatevr you do, think it through, see if it is what you want, how much it cost, what its history is, see how much of a difference you can make without losign everything you possibly earn, or that you can possibly save in your nest egg.

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From the book “5 lessons a millionair taught me, about life and wealth”. By: Richard Paul Evans. I have read about 42 pages in the book. to be honest i havent been reading every day. but to me, this book is remarkable! it helps you so much! these 5 lessons could change anyone life if they read this book. if in need of money or paying off things or even to drop some payment and to start earning money back, you need this book. it can help you so much. or maybe better yet, actually meet this person in real life. you learn valuable lessons and you can start becoming wealthy right now! all you have to do is set your mind on it. or perhaps, for an example; place notes all over your house., in your car, in your bathroom, no matter where you go, place a note with the exact same words on it everywhere. you will be placing a goal and you actually try acomplishing it. by becoming wealthy or something like that. it helps if you see that note the first thing in the morning, when you brush your teeth, eat soemthing, just anywhere. you will try acomplishing that goal. in your mind you dont want to really try anything, but if you try and acomplish that goal , your more likely to make it. whatever you put your mind to, your bound to find it. people who have the most money are usually the unhappiest. that basically describes those 42 pages or so.

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I found a book online, but i dont know if it is one tha ti posted that i would read, but it is very interesting. it is called, “the 5 lessons a millionaire taught me, About life and wealth”. it is a really good bok so far. i have only read 24 pages so far, but it is a good lesson and resoning once you start reading it. it really catches your eye, it shows how peopel have started so low, and they are the ones who get so far in life. For one example, the main guy who is tellign teh story, is nice and wealthey. He finds a couple who are really down, desperate and having tons of money problems. he told tem that if they wanted an easy way our, a thing that they could do if they wanted instead of going through so much trouble, he told them to listen to the 5 lessons he had learned, and told them to meet him back at the same resturante where they were a few months later. oce they met, the happy couple were so happy, so full of joy, they were better now, had extra money, and saved alot. the time before, the main guy paid for lunch, now the couple did. i think these lessons could be very useful in life. no matter who it is.


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“My Project Format”

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After looking through all the options for the project format, only 2 things stood out to me. Either i will do D.) write or submit writings to a journal, magazine, or a newspaper, on this i think i would rather do a magazine article. Or i would do H.) design a political or satirical cartoons.  On my topic, since it was “moeny can’t buy happiness”, i decided to kind of chang it to, “the down sides of money”. I decided to change it because you cant really prove that money can’t buy happiness that well, because well money can buy happiness, especially to those who actually have money. money can make things good for a long time. but sice i couldn’t reall yfind anythin gof moeny cant buy happiness, i decided to change it to the down sides of money. becasue well money caused down sides, its more reliable than the happiness thing. and you find more answers.  if i did do a magazine article, it would be, of corse called, “the downsides of money”. i would describe things that i will find in my books i have to read, i wil find lessons, explinations, jsut the downsides of having so much money. but if i did a cartoon(s), i would draw a few cartoons on how their might be , like a book a i have, a poor dad and a rich dad. or a millionair teaching lesons to a pooer man. just trying to find reactions to the faces on how moeny can make people react, or somethign around those lines. i would just ned to find a way to show my point on the down sides of money.

me at the tattered cover!

(magazine) FORBES- Special Issue-Investment Guide!

(book) Rich Dad Poor Dad. By: Dave T. Kivosaki

(book) Total Money Make Over. By: Dave Ramsey

(book) The 5 Lessons a Millionair Taught Me. By: Richard Paul Evens.

(book) Kids, Wealth, and Consequences. By: Richard A. Morris & Jayne A. Pearl

(book) The Millionair Next Door. By: Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko (both are Ph.D)

(book) The ZEROES My Disadventures. By: Randall Lane.