Reading Post #3

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Annotated Bibliography, My Project Journal

what i have read for this week. Book: The 5 lessons a millionaire taught me, about life and wealther”. Pages: 37. For Friday 10/29/10
From what i have read this week, i go through lesson 5.

lesson 1: Decide to Be Wealthy. lesson 2: Take Responsibility for Your Money. lesson 3: Keep a portion of Everything You Earn. lesson 4: Win in the Margins. lesson 5: Give Back. From all these lessons, i have learned alot from these. in the book the author tells you to share them with other peopel, becasue soon they will change their ways too. thigns will become easier, you will not end up being broke, you will actually haev spare money but not be in debt. You will actually be happy. learn these lessons.

other things that i have learned is that Realize your savings, ask your self questions. like do you really deserve these things? thign about how much you reall yneed something, will it keep you in debpt for years? will it truley make you happy? what could a possibly new expensive car do for you?… also there is your nest egg, no matter what, when you go somewhere, and a person gives you a price, use the 7 golden words, “is that the best you can do?”, you will get a better price, and whatever how much you save on that price, but that amount in your nest egg. and the next thign you know that nest egg will get more and more. but dont be tempted to take out of the nest egg. make sure that whatevr you do, think it through, see if it is what you want, how much it cost, what its history is, see how much of a difference you can make without losign everything you possibly earn, or that you can possibly save in your nest egg.

  1. ausieluv4 says:

    Good job here Jade…it seems like an interesting book. And next time, be sure to give me the page range that you read from. When you just say “37,” I don’t know exactly what that means.

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