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Posted: December 10, 2010 in My Project, My Project Journal

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki. Pages read: 158 pages. 109-267. BOOK IS FINISHED!!! Title: Rich Dad Poor Dad.

this book was really interesting. it shows alot more examples of what little things that you can do. dont be run over by fear. dont be pushed around. dont try being a loser. dont be afraid to lose. jsut try doign things even if you cant affort it right then but that a chanve. most of the time it really works out for you, so its an investment. this guy usually looks around at things that we all humans cant see at all. he looks at houses, see’s the real price on then, well how much they are worth, he makes a price to offer but usually 20-40 thousand off the askign price. he usually get it, rents it out to friends or something, and sells it for about 40000 dollars more that what he bought it for and he gets money. he has invest alot of his money into places, and sold them for tons of money and he has gotten alot of money out of these ideads and investments. or he usually invests in businesses that around to make a big boom or to get realy to sell stuff. some tiems he loses a little money, or doesnt gain much, but alot goes thropugh and he makes moeny off of investing into these things. he helps alot of people, peopel go to him, asking waht should they do? he always replys and the peopel usualy do all whats right or best, they save money… one thing that his rich dad told his was in a book, he told him to alway s” pay himself(yourself) first” like before he paid his bills or somehting. you may not always have enough money to pay your bill afterwards, but its the best thing to do, pay yourself first. and like i have said, the rich to assets, and the poor or middle class to liabilities. the poor or middle class are always “chicken little” or “little chicken” they are afraid of losing anything. they are afraid to take chances, jsut afraid to lose. the dont have the guys. they have the fear. its hard to invest or earn money when you are stuck behind thoses things like fear and stuff.

 i would go on and on, but all i have to say is this book was great. it gave alot of examples and i think it really could widen peoples eyes to life. likke maybe school should actually teach real life stuff, learn how to work for money, to to take charge and do the right things, save moeny, invest, do assets or just learn usefull stuff. not stuff that we will never really use. money is important. use it wisely.


“My Project Format”

Posted: October 4, 2010 in My Project, Uncategorized

After looking through all the options for the project format, only 2 things stood out to me. Either i will do D.) write or submit writings to a journal, magazine, or a newspaper, on this i think i would rather do a magazine article. Or i would do H.) design a political or satirical cartoons.  On my topic, since it was “moeny can’t buy happiness”, i decided to kind of chang it to, “the down sides of money”. I decided to change it because you cant really prove that money can’t buy happiness that well, because well money can buy happiness, especially to those who actually have money. money can make things good for a long time. but sice i couldn’t reall yfind anythin gof moeny cant buy happiness, i decided to change it to the down sides of money. becasue well money caused down sides, its more reliable than the happiness thing. and you find more answers.  if i did do a magazine article, it would be, of corse called, “the downsides of money”. i would describe things that i will find in my books i have to read, i wil find lessons, explinations, jsut the downsides of having so much money. but if i did a cartoon(s), i would draw a few cartoons on how their might be , like a book a i have, a poor dad and a rich dad. or a millionair teaching lesons to a pooer man. just trying to find reactions to the faces on how moeny can make people react, or somethign around those lines. i would just ned to find a way to show my point on the down sides of money. is surprisingly bad at making us happy, even the richest nation in history is getting less and less pleased with life.

in time , there is no really good satisfaction in dollars, by rising income’s and prices, we are not happy.
not many peopel speak of happiness, many speak of depression, anger, anxiety, not much satisfaction or joy, happiness does not really exist.
(200 pages)
money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy lots of things that contribute mightily to happiness.
The relationship between money and happiness is pretty darned small,”
Money doesn’t buy happiness, but success does
Money doesn’t buy happiness, and now there’s a study to prove it.
Inhabitants of wealthy countries tend to grow more miserable as their economy grows richer, according to research.
Do you think that money is the most important thing in the world?
most americans believe that they need money to be happy.
according to credit cars, there are some things they cant buy.
do people change when they have money? yes they do change, it shows who they really are.
Money motivates different people to do different things.
Money Does Not Buy Much Happiness
why is money everything to you?
money can make people do strange things
why are people so greedy?
Telling from the inside store of the rich and famouy, what money does. (pages ?N/A)
too much for our own good. (book, they explain, on film)
This explains what troubles people, health and money, it has up to 265 pages
money can buy happiness but only to a certain point
apparently money does make you happy
money cant buy happiness, but lack of moeny can cause unhappiness
dont rely on money to buy real happiness
if money buys happiness, why are the rich grumpy? not rich enough!
being happy doesnt last long, only at certain times.

For my audience, i may use people who are rich, and see their view, or also use people who want to be like famous. I want to show the audience of rich or wanna be famous people how money cant buy happiness, but in their case, it can. i want ot show them that maybe money has changed their personality, their views, how money has controlled them and the only thing that can make them happy is money. Its hard for them to see that people or other things can make them happy too, without money, but money has like ruled their life, thats allt hey want or need is money, becasue al it does is buy them happiness. Their values and interest would be; how like money changes them, why they need it to be happy, how they cant really rely on anything else, besides moeny. For the age, it would probably would be like mid 20’s to 40’s or maybe higher. These people, all they do is work and work, all they want is money, nothing else becasue thats the only thing that makes them happy.  or thats so how it seems to me and maybe others too. These will probably influence to the approach to my project about how maybe certain ages have certain additutes because of their money that they are making, just to make them happy or thats just their life, money, money, money…. This project, to the audience, may lure them in, i think they would want ot know how money just affects them in their daily life. how it basically controls them, maybe they will be more cautious on how they use it, or they make their happiness, maybe they would want to just see how money isnt everything, how money cant buy happiness.. I am doing my project just to show certain people how money and fame isnt everything they need just to be happy, they dont need it, besides buying food and stuff but, buying useless things, meaningless things. my project is for showing people out there who have no idea what to do but live their life and make money day after day, who spoil themselves till they rot and are just completly happy with things they do not need, with things that only make them happy for such a small period of time. I wan tot show them that money can go toward better things that can make others happy, that can buy other peopel happiness, and have you happy with your choice, but still, money cant buy happiness forever. only for short periods of time.. they need to see whats more out there besides money. they dont need it to be happy.

“My Topic”

Posted: September 24, 2010 in My Project

For the final project, i was going to choose something that interested me. Something that i could get into, something that maybe i could get help on or get ideas on. My topic is going to be; “Money Can’t Buy Happiness”. But to whom i have talked to, apparently money can buy happiness. But i have a few different views. Like if you’re rich or something, ya your going to spend money  jsut to get everythign you want in the whole world. Or you are goign to cherish your money like some people do, they spend it wisely. Or you can be a poorish person and cherish all the money you get, or if you win like the latto or something, you might freak out and go bankrupt from blowing all the money on everythign you wanted. Or you can just cherish, like i said. You can jsut take it in so many different ways, so i might end up getting a graph or somethign ans show everyone how money can effect your minds, your personality, everything. How does money really create happiness, it can create it, but it can also spoil it too. i cant explain in a good way but, money can jsut create happiness in many ways, by getting things you want, or actually having money for a change in your life from maybe being poor. or money can only buy you happiness for up to a day or two, maybe or possibly a week. you can get something you have always wanted, then not pay any attention to it once you buy it, or it goes in the junk room. how can money possibly make you happe all the time?? i rather cherish it, buy a few nice things i never have had, and just spend my money wisely. sometiems money can change your personality from nice to “bitchy”, or it can change you from nice to greedy, poor to happy. it does many things, but do we really need it to be happy?  what does money do to us? i want ot research and look up things to see what money really does to up, how it majes us happy, rich, greedy and more.