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Posted: December 10, 2010 in My Project, My Project Journal

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki. Pages read: 158 pages. 109-267. BOOK IS FINISHED!!! Title: Rich Dad Poor Dad.

this book was really interesting. it shows alot more examples of what little things that you can do. dont be run over by fear. dont be pushed around. dont try being a loser. dont be afraid to lose. jsut try doign things even if you cant affort it right then but that a chanve. most of the time it really works out for you, so its an investment. this guy usually looks around at things that we all humans cant see at all. he looks at houses, see’s the real price on then, well how much they are worth, he makes a price to offer but usually 20-40 thousand off the askign price. he usually get it, rents it out to friends or something, and sells it for about 40000 dollars more that what he bought it for and he gets money. he has invest alot of his money into places, and sold them for tons of money and he has gotten alot of money out of these ideads and investments. or he usually invests in businesses that around to make a big boom or to get realy to sell stuff. some tiems he loses a little money, or doesnt gain much, but alot goes thropugh and he makes moeny off of investing into these things. he helps alot of people, peopel go to him, asking waht should they do? he always replys and the peopel usualy do all whats right or best, they save money… one thing that his rich dad told his was in a book, he told him to alway s” pay himself(yourself) first” like before he paid his bills or somehting. you may not always have enough money to pay your bill afterwards, but its the best thing to do, pay yourself first. and like i have said, the rich to assets, and the poor or middle class to liabilities. the poor or middle class are always “chicken little” or “little chicken” they are afraid of losing anything. they are afraid to take chances, jsut afraid to lose. the dont have the guys. they have the fear. its hard to invest or earn money when you are stuck behind thoses things like fear and stuff.

 i would go on and on, but all i have to say is this book was great. it gave alot of examples and i think it really could widen peoples eyes to life. likke maybe school should actually teach real life stuff, learn how to work for money, to to take charge and do the right things, save moeny, invest, do assets or just learn usefull stuff. not stuff that we will never really use. money is important. use it wisely.

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