“My Project Format”

Posted: October 4, 2010 in My Project, Uncategorized

After looking through all the options for the project format, only 2 things stood out to me. Either i will do D.) write or submit writings to a journal, magazine, or a newspaper, on this i think i would rather do a magazine article. Or i would do H.) design a political or satirical cartoons.  On my topic, since it was “moeny can’t buy happiness”, i decided to kind of chang it to, “the down sides of money”. I decided to change it because you cant really prove that money can’t buy happiness that well, because well money can buy happiness, especially to those who actually have money. money can make things good for a long time. but sice i couldn’t reall yfind anythin gof moeny cant buy happiness, i decided to change it to the down sides of money. becasue well money caused down sides, its more reliable than the happiness thing. and you find more answers.  if i did do a magazine article, it would be, of corse called, “the downsides of money”. i would describe things that i will find in my books i have to read, i wil find lessons, explinations, jsut the downsides of having so much money. but if i did a cartoon(s), i would draw a few cartoons on how their might be , like a book a i have, a poor dad and a rich dad. or a millionair teaching lesons to a pooer man. just trying to find reactions to the faces on how moeny can make people react, or somethign around those lines. i would just ned to find a way to show my point on the down sides of money.


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