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Posted: October 22, 2010 in My Project Journal

From the book “5 lessons a millionair taught me, about life and wealth”. By: Richard Paul Evans. I have read about 42 pages in the book. to be honest i havent been reading every day. but to me, this book is remarkable! it helps you so much! these 5 lessons could change anyone life if they read this book. if in need of money or paying off things or even to drop some payment and to start earning money back, you need this book. it can help you so much. or maybe better yet, actually meet this person in real life. you learn valuable lessons and you can start becoming wealthy right now! all you have to do is set your mind on it. or perhaps, for an example; place notes all over your house., in your car, in your bathroom, no matter where you go, place a note with the exact same words on it everywhere. you will be placing a goal and you actually try acomplishing it. by becoming wealthy or something like that. it helps if you see that note the first thing in the morning, when you brush your teeth, eat soemthing, just anywhere. you will try acomplishing that goal. in your mind you dont want to really try anything, but if you try and acomplish that goal , your more likely to make it. whatever you put your mind to, your bound to find it. people who have the most money are usually the unhappiest. that basically describes those 42 pages or so.

  1. Mr. Adams says:

    Nice post Jade, and can you show me that book on Monday…it looks pretty interesting, and since I’m a teacher with no cash, I’d like to check it out 🙂

    Mr. A

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