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Posted: October 15, 2010 in My Project Journal

I found a book online, but i dont know if it is one tha ti posted that i would read, but it is very interesting. it is called, “the 5 lessons a millionaire taught me, About life and wealth”. it is a really good bok so far. i have only read 24 pages so far, but it is a good lesson and resoning once you start reading it. it really catches your eye, it shows how peopel have started so low, and they are the ones who get so far in life. For one example, the main guy who is tellign teh story, is nice and wealthey. He finds a couple who are really down, desperate and having tons of money problems. he told tem that if they wanted an easy way our, a thing that they could do if they wanted instead of going through so much trouble, he told them to listen to the 5 lessons he had learned, and told them to meet him back at the same resturante where they were a few months later. oce they met, the happy couple were so happy, so full of joy, they were better now, had extra money, and saved alot. the time before, the main guy paid for lunch, now the couple did. i think these lessons could be very useful in life. no matter who it is.

  1. Mr. Adams says:

    That sounds like a pretty good book Jade…hopefully you’ll continue on and read it.

    And if you need help picking other sources, just let me know,

    Have a good break and see you next week!

    Mr. A

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