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Reading Post #5 11/19/10

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Book: RICH DAD POOR DAD. Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki. Pages read: 56-109.

From what i have read right in the past week, i have read that the rich dad was teaching the boys lessons on how to make money work for them instead of them working for money. the dad taught them lessons. he paid them 10 cents an hour every Saturday. that changed to getting paid not at all. they kids got mad and demanded a raise or they were going to quit working for the dad. the dad was waiting for the kids to finally get mad. the dad took them to a picnic table and started talking and teaching them lessons. talking to them in simple ways to teach them how to understand how they have to have money work for them, not them work for money. in the book there are diagrams and little painted pictures showing how the rich take assets instead of liabilities. the poor and middle class only do liabilities. they think they are assents but they really aren’t. rich people get rich because they have assets. they buy assets before they buy a house or something nice or big or just buy anything. by having a lot of assets they get rich. middle class and poor people get stuck with liabilities and incomes or something like that and then they struggle. this shows how the rich are rich. they think things through and they get real assets.



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“My Project Format”

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After looking through all the options for the project format, only 2 things stood out to me. Either i will do D.) write or submit writings to a journal, magazine, or a newspaper, on this i think i would rather do a magazine article. Or i would do H.) design a political or satirical cartoons.  On my topic, since it was “moeny can’t buy happiness”, i decided to kind of chang it to, “the down sides of money”. I decided to change it because you cant really prove that money can’t buy happiness that well, because well money can buy happiness, especially to those who actually have money. money can make things good for a long time. but sice i couldn’t reall yfind anythin gof moeny cant buy happiness, i decided to change it to the down sides of money. becasue well money caused down sides, its more reliable than the happiness thing. and you find more answers.  if i did do a magazine article, it would be, of corse called, “the downsides of money”. i would describe things that i will find in my books i have to read, i wil find lessons, explinations, jsut the downsides of having so much money. but if i did a cartoon(s), i would draw a few cartoons on how their might be , like a book a i have, a poor dad and a rich dad. or a millionair teaching lesons to a pooer man. just trying to find reactions to the faces on how moeny can make people react, or somethign around those lines. i would just ned to find a way to show my point on the down sides of money. is surprisingly bad at making us happy, even the richest nation in history is getting less and less pleased with life.

in time , there is no really good satisfaction in dollars, by rising income’s and prices, we are not happy.
not many peopel speak of happiness, many speak of depression, anger, anxiety, not much satisfaction or joy, happiness does not really exist.
(200 pages)
money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy lots of things that contribute mightily to happiness.
The relationship between money and happiness is pretty darned small,”
Money doesn’t buy happiness, but success does
Money doesn’t buy happiness, and now there’s a study to prove it.
Inhabitants of wealthy countries tend to grow more miserable as their economy grows richer, according to research.
Do you think that money is the most important thing in the world?
most americans believe that they need money to be happy.
according to credit cars, there are some things they cant buy.
do people change when they have money? yes they do change, it shows who they really are.
Money motivates different people to do different things.
Money Does Not Buy Much Happiness
why is money everything to you?
money can make people do strange things
why are people so greedy?
Telling from the inside store of the rich and famouy, what money does. (pages ?N/A)
too much for our own good. (book, they explain, on film)
This explains what troubles people, health and money, it has up to 265 pages
money can buy happiness but only to a certain point
apparently money does make you happy
money cant buy happiness, but lack of moeny can cause unhappiness
dont rely on money to buy real happiness
if money buys happiness, why are the rich grumpy? not rich enough!
being happy doesnt last long, only at certain times.

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Why money makes us unhappy. The levels of wealth have an extremely modest impact on levels of happiness, especially in developed countries. its sad, the richest nation in history, is becoming less pleased with life. in this world, it means, the more money, the more pleasure. we havebeen led to believe that dollars are delight in a fungible form, as the article says. A question comes up; “why doesnt money make us happy?” a man says, doing things that once brought me pleasure, and now it no longer does? by all the money we spend on expensive things that we enjoyed at first, makes us not enjoy the rest of the stuff in our every day life. we treat ourselves, but we end up spoiling ourselves with these things. by looking at money, it makes us less interested in releashing the minor pleasures of life.

It would seem the most natural and welcome thing in the world for a mother to express compassion for her children. (article says) a mother, when her child needs her, she is there to comfort, to be in their happiness, to sooth the pain, and more. the mother does everything without yelling “you kids are driving me nuts”. but mothers go with things that the child does, like saying things when walking on a bridge, talking to the child in understanding ways, maybe see a dead bird. the mother makes the child realize it and trying making the child do whats best. like “should we make a funeral for the poor thing?”. and saying everythign is a part of life. mothers always have a way of saying things. children feel things deeply when young, life crying over soemthing little, fighting over an armrest. the mother always has to deal with it, make things fair and sooths everything. parents are called apon to react. they always find a way to make things better.

Empathy is a complicated emotion, even for mice. (says the article) its like a mouse will act to someone in pain, but the mouse will act more in pain. or a monkey will help, only in friendly terms. but it says our species adds another layer of complication. this is basically saying that The Brain responds to any action performed by “one of us”, not to just signs of trouble. the brain makes you think of feel what a person feels. like if you see someone in pain, you stop and think about what if you were in that situation, in pain. its a way to look at human behavior. according toi the artical, it says ” It’s great to be able to ask people if they feel empathy, but it’s even better if you can measure it as well.” sometimes when you see pain or something, you can respond less if you have a low opinion of the person being hurt. alot of the people out there respond to more stuff if the person is of the same race. they respond more to it. everyone can also react that way by only watching a person drink a glass of water, like whites respond more to whites than to blacks or others. there are alot of tests out there, to measure degreese, the way the brain responds, how much care peopeol have toward others, just the way they respond, and many more.

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