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Passion later in life

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Education

In life, later on when i go to go to college after senior year, i am planning on going to Arapahoe community college, or the community college of Denver, so that i can get my basics done so that i can hopefully transfer after two years or so, to another college. I need a Tech school. I want to stay in Colorado for college and my future. I want to major in Radiology which is x-rays if nobody knew that, but my passion may change. But i am more likely to stay with radiology because that is what i am interested in right now in high school.  I have always been interested in the medical field because a lot of my family have done or are doing stuff in the medical field. I just grew up around the stuff, and my dad gave me the ideas, and it just sounded right for me.It works for me because i want to help people in life. I always want to help, so i will be contributing my time, to help another person out with their life.

With me going in to the medical field, i will help a lot of people, medical work is always needed in the world, it is a better good. And i think i would be good at it because it is very useful and commonly needed in life. Radiology and the medical field is one of the main things that everyone needs. I or we, the medical field, can help millions of people, we can contribute many things like health, care, x-rays for my case, and many other things along those lines.