“my project’s audience and purpose”

Posted: September 25, 2010 in My Project

For my audience, i may use people who are rich, and see their view, or also use people who want to be like famous. I want to show the audience of rich or wanna be famous people how money cant buy happiness, but in their case, it can. i want ot show them that maybe money has changed their personality, their views, how money has controlled them and the only thing that can make them happy is money. Its hard for them to see that people or other things can make them happy too, without money, but money has like ruled their life, thats allt hey want or need is money, becasue al it does is buy them happiness. Their values and interest would be; how like money changes them, why they need it to be happy, how they cant really rely on anything else, besides moeny. For the age, it would probably would be like mid 20’s to 40’s or maybe higher. These people, all they do is work and work, all they want is money, nothing else becasue thats the only thing that makes them happy.  or thats so how it seems to me and maybe others too. These will probably influence to the approach to my project about how maybe certain ages have certain additutes because of their money that they are making, just to make them happy or thats just their life, money, money, money…. This project, to the audience, may lure them in, i think they would want ot know how money just affects them in their daily life. how it basically controls them, maybe they will be more cautious on how they use it, or they make their happiness, maybe they would want to just see how money isnt everything, how money cant buy happiness.. I am doing my project just to show certain people how money and fame isnt everything they need just to be happy, they dont need it, besides buying food and stuff but, buying useless things, meaningless things. my project is for showing people out there who have no idea what to do but live their life and make money day after day, who spoil themselves till they rot and are just completly happy with things they do not need, with things that only make them happy for such a small period of time. I wan tot show them that money can go toward better things that can make others happy, that can buy other peopel happiness, and have you happy with your choice, but still, money cant buy happiness forever. only for short periods of time.. they need to see whats more out there besides money. they dont need it to be happy.


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