“My Topic”

Posted: September 24, 2010 in My Project

For the final project, i was going to choose something that interested me. Something that i could get into, something that maybe i could get help on or get ideas on. My topic is going to be; “Money Can’t Buy Happiness”. But to whom i have talked to, apparently money can buy happiness. But i have a few different views. Like if you’re rich or something, ya your going to spend money  jsut to get everythign you want in the whole world. Or you are goign to cherish your money like some people do, they spend it wisely. Or you can be a poorish person and cherish all the money you get, or if you win like the latto or something, you might freak out and go bankrupt from blowing all the money on everythign you wanted. Or you can just cherish, like i said. You can jsut take it in so many different ways, so i might end up getting a graph or somethign ans show everyone how money can effect your minds, your personality, everything. How does money really create happiness, it can create it, but it can also spoil it too. i cant explain in a good way but, money can jsut create happiness in many ways, by getting things you want, or actually having money for a change in your life from maybe being poor. or money can only buy you happiness for up to a day or two, maybe or possibly a week. you can get something you have always wanted, then not pay any attention to it once you buy it, or it goes in the junk room. how can money possibly make you happe all the time?? i rather cherish it, buy a few nice things i never have had, and just spend my money wisely. sometiems money can change your personality from nice to “bitchy”, or it can change you from nice to greedy, poor to happy. it does many things, but do we really need it to be happy?  what does money do to us? i want ot research and look up things to see what money really does to up, how it majes us happy, rich, greedy and more.

  1. Mr. Adams says:

    After reading these posts, I’m excited for your project, but we’ll just need to make sure that your sources are legit (and I have to be honest with you Jade: the fact that you didn’t change some of the unreliable sources—even after I mentioned them specifically in front of the whole class—is a little off-putting to me. I want to see you working harder than that, ok?)

    So, let’s talk some more to make sure that you’re heading in the right direction with this.

    Mr. A

    • jadecv says:

      sorry…. i haven’t checked my comments in a while. sorry about that. i deleted those 2 that you just mentioned. i didn’t mean to off-put you..

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