Passion later in life

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Education

In life, later on when i go to go to college after senior year, i am planning on going to Arapahoe community college, or the community college of Denver, so that i can get my basics done so that i can hopefully transfer after two years or so, to another college. I need a Tech school. I want to stay in Colorado for college and my future. I want to major in Radiology which is x-rays if nobody knew that, but my passion may change. But i am more likely to stay with radiology because that is what i am interested in right now in high school.  I have always been interested in the medical field because a lot of my family have done or are doing stuff in the medical field. I just grew up around the stuff, and my dad gave me the ideas, and it just sounded right for me.It works for me because i want to help people in life. I always want to help, so i will be contributing my time, to help another person out with their life.

With me going in to the medical field, i will help a lot of people, medical work is always needed in the world, it is a better good. And i think i would be good at it because it is very useful and commonly needed in life. Radiology and the medical field is one of the main things that everyone needs. I or we, the medical field, can help millions of people, we can contribute many things like health, care, x-rays for my case, and many other things along those lines.

  1. mrsabercat says:

    Good post Jade, and I’m excited to hear about your interest in the medical field.

    A couple of the best medical writers out there right now are Atul Gawande, Oliver Sachs, and Nicholas Christakis.

    You should look them up on Amazon and see which of their books look interesting: hopefully you’ll find something that you want to read up on.

    Again Jade, good job, and keep it up throughout the semester!!

    Mr. A

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